Hourly rate is $150 - I bill in six-minute increments (6 minutes) with arithmetic rounding.

On-site training/seminars are billed at a rate of $250 per hour with a two-hour minimum, 6-minute increments beyond the two hours with the usual rounding.

When I travel to your site - the minimum billing is three hours ($450) - work done off-site or over the phone or internet is billed in 6-minute increments with no minimum.

An example of all this is a phone consultation which lasts less than 3 minutes - no charge. A call which lasts 03:00 to 8:59 minutes is charged as 6 minutes. A call that lasts for 27 minutes is charged as 30 minutes and so forth.

Appointments are available starting at 11am in the morning, seven days a week.

For on-site appointments starting before 11am, there is a surcharge equal to the amount of time between the requested appointment time and 11am – billed at the hourly rate above – thus a 10:30am appointment gets a $75 surcharge (half-hour @ $150/hour) – this charge is due at time of booking, credit card information will be taken and a charge made either during the call, or just afterwards.

Just to be clear, remote work does not incur the surcharge, as no travel is required. Appointments are also available on weekends, so if you’re trying to work around your work schedule, know that I will work with you on weekends (after 11am) and in the evening hours without surcharge

Those whom pay with a credit card either in person or remotely, will incur a credit card surcharge. In person with card the surcharge is equal to 3% of the total bill. The surcharge for a Square generated invoice is 3.25% and for remote charge where I manually enter your credit card information, the surcharge equals 3.75%.