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I've received a number of calls about printer repair based on Yelp! searches - I appreciate that people are finding me on Yelp! Unfortunately, it is uneconomic for me to attempt to fix most printers - printers are [mostly] cheap. However we do have some specialists in the area - The Printer Works in Hayward has been in business for ... well, I've known about them for almost 20 years, so at least that - they work only with HP LaserJets. They sell maintenance kits with instructions and bare parts as well. As for other brands of laser printers and for all Ink Jets - I recommend going to your manufacturer's website for maintenance instructions, and for factory authorized service centers, OR you can seek out ECO INK+TONER here in San Francisco. I am more than happy to help anyone with their printer, but when compared to my minimum office visit charge (the two-hour minimum) it is often less expensive to buy a new printer. If you hate to contribute to the land fill, consider donating your old printer to the Goodwill or other similar charity - but the Goodwill uses this equipment as training materials for their occupational training courses.


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